CrossFit Cedar Ridge - Pleasant Grove
CrossFit Cedar Ridge - Pleasant Grove

Love a challenge–CFCR=mental, physical, emotional challenge everyday! Great people in the box–Heidi Froerer Brady

Real work, Real results, Real fun!–Patrick Brady

I came in ‘fit’. Now I’m ‘crossfit fit’. Totally different.–Jenny Schumacher

Cheerleader with Eating Disorder becoming a Confident, Strong, Healthy Crossfitter:)–Tatiana Boyle

6 months – 54lbs + 75 person support team = CrossFit CR–Maren Oborn

Washed up “has been” loving the competition and team thing.–Sam Harward

Mental break from being a provider, protector, and nurturer...friends, sweat, strength–Bonnie Brown Warenski